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GuidoSchindler, born in Zurich, Switzerland, holds a Masters Degree in Metal Working and Security Structures and is extensively experienced in all forms and manner of metal crafting - Blacksmithing, Handcrafted Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum.


As a young apprentice working with Grob the oldest blacksmith in Zurich, my first specialty became repairing and re-fabricating antique locks and restoring aging ornamental ironwork throughout the city's old quarter. After graduating with a degree in Metal Working I worked in steel and aluminum construction - including building single ton fireproof & radiation-proof doors for the medical and military industries .

As a metalworker and a bobsled team member, I was especially privileged to work with Olympic & World Champion bobsledder Hans Hiltebrand. We combined steel & fiberglass to aerodynamically design World Championship winning 4 & 2 men bobsleds.

While pursuing my Masters in Metal Working, I worked for Schneebeli Metallbau one of the top Swiss companies in building security structures for banks, embassies, insurance companies, jewelry stores, prisons and other institutions. Along with my regular work I was responsible for teaching and supervising new apprentices. With Schneebeli I worked on international projects in all forms of metal structures and architectural details - including Museums, Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals and Private Homes. During 1995-1996 this led to the construction and installation of underground vaults, mantrap entrances, bullet proof windows and other security measures for a national treasury building in Moscow housing the nation's diamond commerce.

I enjoy a good challenge and welcome interesting projects where I can help customers make their ideas a reality. Since moving to the U.S. I've strived to continue the tradition of high quality craftsmanship in which I have trained and enjoy working.

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