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Guido Schindler is from Zürich, Switzerland where he earned a Masters Degree in Metal Crafting and Security Structures.  He is extensively experienced in all forms and manner of metal working - Blacksmithing, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum & Bronze.


As a young blacksmith apprentice at Grob, my first specialty was repairing or re-fabricating antique locks and restoring aging ornamental ironwork throughout old quarter of Zurich. After graduating with a degree in Metal Working I worked in steel and aluminum construction - including building single ton fireproof & radiation-proof doors for the medical and military industries.

As a metalworker and a bobsled team member, I was especially privileged to work with Olympic & World Champion bobsledder Hans Hiltebrand. We combined steel & fiberglass to aerodynamically design World Championship winning 4 & 2 men bobsleds.

While pursuing my Masters in Metal Working, I worked for Schneebeli a premier Swiss company in building security structures and architectural details for banks, embassies, insurance companies, jewelry stores, prisons and other institutions. Along with my regular work I was responsible for teaching and supervising apprentices.

Since starting own business in 1997 my work has involved more art work – fabricating, conservation, repair and installation – for museums, galleries, corporations, institutions, art handlers and private collectors, often in collaboration with both institutional and private conservators.  This has allowed me to use more of my Masters education in the thermodynamics, crafting and engineering of anything that touches metal such as wood, glass, plastics, masonry, etc. The balance of my production is primarily architectural furnishings and custom metal work.

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