Bank Security -

Man-Traps with

Two Zone Flooring.

Technology by

Schneebeli Metalbau.

  Schneebeli Metalbau is one of the top Swiss companies in building Security Structures for Banks, Embassies, National Treasuries, Insurance Companies, Jewelry Stores, Prisons and other Institutions. Schneebeli has worked on international projects in all forms of metal structures and architectural details - including Museums, Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals and Private Homes.

Building Entrance

in Stainless Steel.


Building Entrance

in Powder Coated Metal.

  Residential Wintergarden - Construction of Insulated Glass & Insulated Alluminum Profiles.

SCHNEEBELI Metallbau + Sicherheitstechnik - Zurich, Switzerland

A Premier Swiss Company in Security Technology and All Forms of Metal Structures and Architectural Details.



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